Never Knew You -Lyrics

Closure's a notion that just isn't true

Like Pain Brings Strength and Time heals all wounds

Under my skin words throb like a bruise

'Cuz those who say 'em,

Never knew you


"This too shall pass" is a phrase I've been told

To spit in my eye wouldn't be as cold

Pour nothing but silence in the cuts of my soul

That will sting less than any words of hope


A breath can be taken without any warning

Was a typical, innocent, simple morning

'Till I sat in your room with my heart in my throat

Saw the future turn gray when your spirit let go


You laid so still, I was so thrown

Now your emptiness is all I hold


We're supposed to just handle the trouble we're given

If that is the case, I'm a failure at living

They say in the darkness, "Faith pulls you through"

Those who believe it

Never knew you

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